• Quick Consult: $35 (Medicare rebate $17.90)
  • Standard Consult: $75 (Medicare rebate $39.10)
  • Long Consult: $100 (Medicare rebate $75.75)
  • Extended Consult: $150 (Medicare rebate $111.50)
  • Bulk Billing is available to current patients who are 17yrs and under, DVA Gold Card holders, Pension or Concession Card holders. Initial consults and visitors to the area are charged a consult fee.
  • For more information on fees please speak with reception when booking an appointment

Our Medical Services

The range of medical services offered by The Five Star Medical Centre includes:

  • Women’s Health (eg. Pap smears, Breast Screening, Menopause Management, Family Planning, Contraception)
  • Childrens Health (eg. Immunisations, Anaphylaxis and Allergy management, Asthma Care, Development and Behavioural problems, Baby Checks)
  • Men’s Health (eg. Prostate Cancer screening, Continence and Urination problems, Hormone abnormalities, Sexual dysfunction)
  • Aged Care (eg. Home Medications reviews, Over 75s Health Assesments, Nursing Home Visits)
  • General Check ups and Health Assessments
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (Closing the Gap)
  • Immunistaions including Travel Vaccinations and advice, Yellow Fever Vaccinations and Q Fever Immunisations
  • Skin Cancer Checks (eg. Cyst removals, Mole excisions, Cryotherapy, Skin Biopsies)
  • Sexual Health and STD screening
  • Bowel Caner Screening
  • Smoking Cessation management
  • Depression and Mental Health Management
  • ECG and heart monitoring
  • Spirometry
  • Diabetes Management
  • Weight loss management
  • Chronic disease management
  • INR Management
  • Wound Management and Dressings
  • WorkCover Injury management

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