Billing Policy

Bulk billing is available for current patients who are 17 years and under or hold a pension, HCC or DVA gold card (some procedures will attract a fee, these fees will be discussed with you beforehand).

Initial consult and visitors will be billed a private fee regardless of concession status.

Patients 18yrs and over who do not fit above category will be charged a private fee.


Fee Rebate Out of Pocket
Very quick in-person, phone or video consult




Standard in-person, phone or video consult $79.10 $39.10 $40
Long in-person or video consult $115.75 $75.75 $40
Extended in-person consult $151.50 $111.50 $40
Mental Health Care Plan in-person or video $105.25 $94.75 $10.50
Mental Health Care Plan Review in-person, phone or video $85.10 $74.60 $10.50
Mental Health Consult in-person, phone or video $85.10 $74.60 $10.50
GP Care Plan or review in-person or video Bulk billed
WorkCover Initial Certificate and standard consult $132.80
WorkCover Initial Certificate and long consult $202.80
WorkCover standard consult $84
WorkCover long consult $154
WorkCover extended consult $235
Iron Infusion – No Concession $170 $39.10 $130.90
Iron Infusion – Concession $100 $39.10 $60.90
Venesection – No Concession $170 $103.50 $66.35
Venesection - Concession $150 $103.50 $46.35
Additional to Consult Fees

Dressing/wound care. Fee can vary depending on consumables

ECG $50 $16.30 $33.70
Spirometry $50 $18.20 $31.80

Yellow Fever Vaccine

Q Fever Vaccine

Price on request


Any additional fees other then consult fees will be discussed with you before proceeding with service.

Our Medical Services

The range of medical services offered by The Five Star Medical Centre includes:

  • Women’s Health (eg. Pap smears, Breast Screening, Menopause Management, Family Planning, Contraception)
  • Childrens Health (eg. Immunisations, Anaphylaxis and Allergy management, Asthma Care, Development and Behavioural problems, Baby Checks)
  • Men’s Health (eg. Prostate Cancer screening, Continence and Urination problems, Hormone abnormalities, Sexual dysfunction)
  • Aged Care (eg. Home Medications reviews, Over 75s Health Assesments, Nursing Home Visits)
  • General Check ups and Health Assessments
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (Closing the Gap)
  • Immunistaions including Travel Vaccinations and advice, Yellow Fever Vaccinations and Q Fever Immunisations
  • Skin Cancer Checks (eg. Cyst removals, Mole excisions, Cryotherapy, Skin Biopsies)
  • Sexual Health and STD screening
  • Bowel Caner Screening
  • Smoking Cessation management
  • Depression and Mental Health Management
  • ECG and heart monitoring
  • Spirometry
  • Diabetes Management
  • Weight loss management
  • Chronic disease management
  • INR Management
  • Wound Management and Dressings
  • WorkCover Injury management

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